Reconditioned Aga range cookers, Aga range cooker renovation, Aga range cooker restoration, Sussex, UK

Reconditioned Aga range cookers by Sussex Classic Cookers, Sussex, UK. We restore Aga range cookers of any model and any condition back to new from our workshop. Aga range cookers are re-enamelled in a furnace at 825°c using the vitreous enamel process process which means that your Aga range cooker will be returned to a deep lustrous finish. Once the enamelling has been completed the reconditioning of the Aga range cooker can continue. All areas of your Aga range cooker are cleaned and treated against corrosion, and any worn or broken parts are replaced using the highest quality available. Why not give your Aga range cooker a new lease of life for many years to come? Please contact us today for quote.

Sussex Classic Cookers is a trading name of Sussex Stoves Ltd
Sussex Stove Centre Limited reconditioned agas - specialise in renovating Agas to the highest possible standards
Reconditioned Aga range cookers by Sussex Classic Cookers

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